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Conquering All Road Types


By. Kevin Larive


Wearing Pads for Inline Skating

A lot of times people choose the terrain they skate on based on the smoothness of the surface, traffic levels or any other obstacles. However, that doesn't always work and you can only go one way and that is unknown surface.


There is one way to handle all types of terrain that you may come across. Simply wear protective gear. You should always wear protective gear but a lot of people (myself included) go the hero route and wear little to no protection. Should you fall make sure your pads will take the majority of the blow should you fall. You can practice falling by simply finding a nice patch of grass or soft ground. The muscle memory you will pick up will help should you hit some rocky terrain when skating and manage to fall. Lots of people (again myself included) have fallen incorrectly and did some serious damage.


Another way to improve your comfort on rough skating surfaces that is highly effective is to use softer wheels. Using softer wheels will give you better grip that will drastically cut road vibration and bounce. 79A is a popular durometer to use when Urban skating. Now I know you are thinking softer wheels will wear out quicker than harder wheels, however I haven’t noticed that to be an issue.


If you rotate your wheels frequently like every third skating session they will last a lot longer than you might expect. Also, I advise keeping a soft set of wheels around at all times when you know you will be skating on an area that is going to be less than perfect.


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