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Dialed In: How the K2 Boa Revolutionized the Skating Industry



By. Steve Hartman


Brief History of Boa:


The K2 Boa System is a revolutionary technology that’s been adopted by sporting goods manufacturers to maximize the durability of laces, increase the ease of use of products and ensure that your footwear has the perfect fit and feel.


What had started out as a way for snowboarders to lock into their boots quickly and adjust when necessary has become a worldwide phenomenon across a variety of sports and other industries. Since its founding in 1990’s, Boa has become a part of over 25 million products.


Boa was born out of the frustration of traditional laces and their unreliability for remaining tight and tied on the mountain – even the walk from the car to the mountain. Soon, Boa was adopted by major players like K2 and Vans and now is utilized on everything from skates and boots to safety and medical equipment.


K2 Boa Skates


What is Boa?


Boa is a closure system that works by turning a dial which evenly tightens a durable steel lace. Once you dial into the right fit, you simply stop dialing and the lace is secure. When it’s time to exit your inline skate, just pop up the dial and the boots loosen up. It’s really that easy!


Another great feature to having Boa on your boots is its ease of adjusting on-the-fly; a small crank gets them a little tighter for greater performance. This micro-adjustability means you can truly dial in to that perfect fit and expect them to stay tight.


On-the-fly adjusting also means that you will no longer have to stop what you’re doing, bend down and re-lace hoping that your knot is tight enough to hold.


K2 Boa on your kid’s skates makes getting ready super quick and easy and they can even get the best fit without your assistance. The ease of entry means less time waiting as everyone laces up and more time skating. You’ll also start to notice less complaints about sore feet, blisters and fatigue because everyone’s feet will be much more comfortable inside the skates.


Boa has revolutionized the sporting goods industry making inline skates more comfortable with greater performance and ease-of-use.


Check out the K2 Skates featuring the Boa Closure System.

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