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Rollerblade Maxxum 90


First Impressions - Rollerblade Maxxum 90 Inline Skates


By Chris Gorski


I finally pulled the trigger on a pair of urban inline skates, well kinda. Recently I picked up a pair of Rollerblade Maxxum 90 inline skates, and although these are coined as urban skates they can really be used for fitness or recreational use as well. My interest in urban skating comes from my previous history of aggressive skating, and now that I have hung up my actual aggressive skates I still yearn for a similar feel and fit.


Upon first putting on the Rollerblade Maxxum 90 inline skates I was a bit worried. They felt extremely tight and there were a few areas causing me some concern with pressure points but after years of selling skates I needed to heed my own advice and let the skates break in a bit. After a few times skating there is still a slight pinch I may need to take care of with an aftermarket footbed or lift but overall the skates have contoured well and hug my feet. The fit of the Maxxum 90 is a bit more performance oriented so skaters should plan on a snug fit. This snug fit offered me great performance and is one of the first skates I’ve worn that doesn't allow my heel to lift.

Inline Skate Trail


I used the skates for the first time after work at my local park.


The park offers a short 1 mile track and as I started zooming around that park I felt at ease with my new skates. The 90mm wheels got me up to speed super quick and I immediately ran over a small stick like a monster squashing a blade of grass, it felt awesome. The shorter wheelbase gave me the ability to actually work in some crossovers (fancy turns) and maintain a good speed through the corners. I enjoyed the ability of getting up to a good speed while still being able to maneuver around the people walking their dogs.


I skated a second time around a larger park which came with wood bridges and some steep up and down hills.


OK, these skates are super fun. This park let me explore the ability of the Rollerblade Maxxum 90 to go even faster and to go uphill… Going downhill was a blast and the 90mm wheels helped me get going at a blistering speed. Going uphill was a bear as always but the stiffer boot helped me actually propel myself more with each uphill stride. There is a large woodbridge at this park and it makes for a bumpy ride and although the Maxxum 90’s still had a bumpy ride, the larger wheel and stiffer boot helped me get across the bridge with ease and in control.


For me it’s a no brainer, I love these hybrid fitness and urban skates. The Rollerblade Maxxum 90 answered a calling I didn’t know I had called to. I was looking for a more aggressive skate design with a fitness wheel, frame, and bearing setup and I didn’t even know it. Now that I’ve tried these skates I am happy to continue skating on them while my standard fitness skates collect dust in the corner.


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