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Get Caught Wearing a Helmet While Skating and get a Waterpark Voucher!


By. Chris Gorski




Child Wearing a Helmet While Inline Skating

We’ve all heard of helmet laws whether they are at your local park enforced by parkofficials or on your city street enforced by local law enforcement. But a pretty cool thing is happening in Niagara, Ontario regarding helmet enforcement. See, in Niagara young skaters, bikers and scooterers will be rewarded for wearing a skate helmet rather than chastised for not wearing one.


Those “caught” wearing a helmet while rollerblading or any other of the activities listed above will receive a waterpark voucher to the Americana Resort located in Niagara Falls. Americana Resort is sponsoring the campaign.


Police are urging kids to wear a helmet stating “Wear your helmets; you never know when you'll get caught."