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Inline Skate with Large Wheels


Getting Over the Fear of Bigger Wheels


By Chris Gorski


We’ve received some concerns from people worried about the larger sized wheels now found on many inline skates.


Can this be a concern? Absolutely.


Is it a concern you should lose any sleep over? Absolutely not.


Let’s break it down so it’s easy to understand why this shouldn’t be a concern.


Yes, new skates are starting to come with larger and larger wheels but you are still the one in control of the skates. What I mean by this is you’re the one that is in charge of how fast you go in the skates. If at first you feel a bit out of control then you will want to avoid large hills and such, and maybe don’t push off like an olympic sprint skater. Overall though you will be able to control a skate whether it has 80mm wheels or 100mm wheels.


Use your brakes. Brakes on inline skates work, and they work well. When you first get your skates you will want to get a feel for the brake in a flat parking lot area or skate path. Once you get used to the brake you can be confident in using it in all situations. In my opinion the dumbest thing you can do is removing your brake. I am a great skater, I’ve skated since I was a young kid, and you will never catch me removing brakes from my fitness or recreational skates. My hockey and aggressive skates, well they are designed to not have a brake.


Start slow; don’t go taking on any large wheels until you completely understand how your new skates work. Remember, you have nothing to be afraid of! Would you be afraid of driving a Corvette? Or, would you simply take it easy until you got used to the extra power?

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