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Getting Sponsored by K2 Skates



K2 has been a staple in the inline skate industry for many years now and as being in the forefront of the industry it means a sponsorship from them is a big deal. So how do you inquire about becoming sponsored by K2 skates? Are you going to just post random videos of yourself to their Facebook wall? Going to call them? Go to a local shop and ask them? NO! It’s not so easy and really, would you want it to be? Below we cover the two areas that K2 skates offer sponsorship possibilities and the best way to get the ball rolling on your very own K2 sponsorship.


Street/Vert (Aggressive Skating)


K2 Street Skating


K2 puts an emphasis on style and being able to destroy all obstacles while on your skates. Let’s face it, aggressive skating has progressed just like any other sport over the years and to keep up with the growth of the sport and skilled athletes the companies are looking for more and more from their athletes. Keep this in mind when making and editing your video.


Once you have a proper “sponsor me” video ready for the team manager, send it off to:

Mike Powell

K2 Skates Team Manager

4201 6th Ave S

Seattle, WA 98108

Please include your email address on the DVD so they can easily contact you if they like what they see.


 Speed Skating


K2 Speed Skating


For speed skating K2 only accepts written applications for sponsorship, this is due to a high number of requests. Only the most eligible will receive written responses:

Mike Powell

K2 Speed Skating Team Manager

4201 6th Ave S

Seattle, WA 98108


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