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Go on a Cruise and Go for a Skate!

 Cruise Ship

Ever thought about going on a cruise but realized you couldn’t take your inline skates and that was a deal breaker? OK, probably not but what if you were able to take your skates on a cruise and actually use them while on the cruise ship? Now, that would be cool! Well, Royal Caribbean International thought it would be cool too so they made it happen aboard their ships.


So how does inline skating on a cruise ship work? Well, Royal Caribbean offers an inline skating track on their sports deck. This inline skating track offers a smooth surface and padded barriers to make the time skating fun and safe. Other than having to get accustom to inline skating on a somewhat swaying cruise ship the time spent will be just like skating at home only with more breathtaking views and a fresh sea breeze!


Inline Skating on a Cruise Ship


Personally, we think it is great to have inline skating offered on a cruise as well as many other activities. On most cruises you do a lot of relaxing, which is great, but sometimes it is good to get away from the endless buffets, dinners and deserts and get some fitness in! Royal Caribbean offers not only a skate track but an ice rink, fitness center, mini golf, boxing ring, zip line, rock climbing and more! So if you have always wanted to go on a cruies but thought it might be boring, think again! There is plenty to do!

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