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Good At Roller Skating? | Could Help You Land A Job

 Sonic Waitress with Roller Skates

Remember when car hops would bring your food on roller skates at certain drive in restaurants? Sonic does, the drive in chain Sonic is bringing back 1950's style skating carhops and is getting a good response from its customers. As more and more Sonics pop up across the nation there are more and more available opportunities for roller skate enthusiasts to gain employment involving what they love most, rollerskating.


Sonic currently has over 3,500 drive in locations making it the largest chain of drive in restaurants in America, and they keep popping up.  If there is a Sonic in your area and you are an avid roller skater, a roller skating car hop may be a suitable second or first job if you are currently looking. With jobs being hard to come by, jobs that you can have a blast at are even harder to come by. Stop by a Sonic today, your server just may roll right up to you.


Car Hop Roller Skaters

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