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Head for the Grass while Inline Skating

Great Advice - Head for the Grass


By Chris Gorski


Some of the best advice I ever received regarding inline skating was “head for the grass.” I received this when purchasing my first pair of fitness skates with the larger wheels and smoother bearings. I was always an aggressive skater and hockey player but at 16 I started working at an inline skate shop which carried all styles so I decided to give it a go.


This advice had come from my manager at the time. He simply told me that if you feel out of control and need to either slow down or come to a crashing stop to head for the grass. I skated with my fitness skates at the local park which had a long paved pathway surrounded by grass the entire way. Well, I skated for years and never had to use this solid advice, and as I thought about the advice often I never had to put it into action. That was until….


Now, the advice he had given me was for if “I” was ever out of control but I ended up using this nugget of knowledge to get out of the way of someone else that was out of control. I was having a good skate one summer day and as I rounded a corner there was a kid on a longboard skateboard barreling toward me. He had just went down a bit of a hill and looked completely out of control. We were heading right for each other, so I headed for the grass. I went rolling into the grass and came to a slow stop, I didn’t even fall over!


Who knows, maybe I would’ve headed for the grass out of instinct of self preservation but who knows. I am personally happy that I had the advice, and instead of nursing injuries that night, I nursed grass stains on my skates.

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