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How to Size Inline Skates

Buying New Inline Skates



Whether you are buying a brand new pair of inline skates for the first time or simply updating an old set there is one most common question; how are these skates going to fit? With several brands and differing styles of skates on the market this is a very valid concern but you’d be surprised both how easy it is to size skates and just how important your personal preference is in determining your fit. Here we will go over the basics of inline skate fit, width concerns and how to determine how you are going to want your skates to fit.


Choosing the Correct Size Inline Skate


There are a few main brands in inline skates that are far and away the most popular on the market so here we will cover how they generally fit. The three most popular skate makers are Rollerblade, K2 and Roces all of which make fantastic skates and all offer a comfortable fit when sized correctly.


• How Rollerblade Skates Fit

Rollerblade Inline Skates

Rollerblade brand skates are going to fit very similar to the size of your standard athletic shoes. If you wear a size 9 in your running shoes you will more than likely be happy with a size 9 in a Rollerblade skate. I have had luck dropping a half size from my shoe size to get a more performance fit which leaves little room but excels the power transmission through the skate. Dropping into this smaller size is only going to be good for those skating for more fitness than recreational going longer distances and skating more often.


• How K2 Skates Fit

K2 Inline Skates

K2 skates, like Rollerblade, are going to fit similar to your standard shoe size. The same size you wear in your everyday athletic shoes is going to be a good indication of the correct size in a K2 skate. For a tighter and more athletic fit you can still drop a half size and have a more performance fit that will offer better energy transfer. These size recommendations are the same for men’s skates and women’s skates. Albeit slightly it has been said that K2 skates run a bit narrower than Rollerblade brand skates but this minimal difference can be made up for by exercising aftermarket fit techniques which we will talk about later in this article.


• How Roces Skates Fit

Roces Inline Skates

Roces skates are going to be against the norm of fitting the same as your standard shoe size. Roces skates are going to run a bit small and should be taken a half to full size larger than your regular shoe size. This is to say if you wear a size 9 in your everyday shoe you will want to get a Roces skate in a size 9.5 or 10 to allow yourself enough room.


Inline Skate Width


One of the most common questions we get here at is if there are any skates that run widths over a D width. Unfortunately at this time there are no skates that come from the manufacturer in anything over a standard D width. With that being said there are some things you can do to alter the skate once you have purchased them to make up for the narrower width skate and a wider foot. Purchasing the skates a half size larger than your standard shoe size in Rollerblade and K2 and even a bit larger in Roces will give you the ability to alter the fit better to a wider foot.

Inline Skate Width


If you give yourself a little extra room in the skates you can add a heel lift to the skate which will alleviate some pressure caused by the skates being a bit narrow. A heel lift will bring your heel up in the skate bring your whole foot up a bit which will get rid of the main pressure points caused when a skate is a bit narrower. Another great consideration for those with a wider foot is to buy a bit better skate. Beginner level skates are not going to offer as much elements of customizable fit as a higher end skate. Spending a little more on a skate will typically give you more of a molded fit as these skates typically offer better interior elements to the skates in terms of a liner that will actually mold around your specific foot shape. This means the skates will typically fit a bit more snug right out of the box but will end up breaking in to fitting much better in the long run.




If All Else Fails, Just Buy 3 Pairs of Skates, No Seriously!

Guaranteed Fit Program


We want you to get the best possible fit with your inline skate which is why we started the Guaranteed Fit Program. This program takes the guessing out of buying a new pair of skates as you can get several pairs shipped to you so you can try them on. With this program you can get 2 pairs of skates shipped to you and ship the one that doesn’t fit back or get 3 pairs of skates shipped to you to try on and ship the other 2 pairs back. This program costs $12.95 and $19.95 respectively but the benefit highly outweighs the cost. With it becoming harder and harder to find actual inline skate stores to try on skates this program brings the try on process to your home. Here you can learn more about the program or skip right to it and take advantage of it here.