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Hydration Packs are an Athletes Best Friend


Hydration Packs keep hikers, bikers and inline skaters, you guessed it, hydrated while out performing their favorite activity. Hydration packs work much like regular backpacks only they offer a bladder inside that can be filled with liquid, preferably water, so you can be safe and hydrated while out inline skating.


Hydration Packs work fantastic for inline skating as you have nowhere to put a water bottle. I used to carry a simple backpack with me when I went out inline skating; this worked but I would have to stop every time I wanted a drink. Now with my new hydration pack I can simply grab the hose and drink.


Hydration Packs


A few things to know about Hydration Packs:


Sticky Liquid


Water is the best choice for a hydration pack. This is not to say you cannot put other liquids in the hydration pack if you prefer sports drinks. You will want to clean the pack after every use if you choose to add some sort of liquid other than water. I have found that when adding simply water I can just drain and rinse my hydration pack when done using it and only have to wash it every couple uses. Camel Back sells cleansing tablets that go right into the hydration pack, we don’t stock these but have no problem special ordering them if necessary.


On/Off Valve


Most all hydration packs will have some sort of on and off valve. You are going to want to get accustom to using this before you go out. I made the mistake of not learning this until I was out and ended up not shutting it properly and having water all over my shirt. Not the end of the world but a nice dry run would be a good thing to do.


Bladder Sizes and Pack Sizes


For differing activities you will want a different size pack or a different size water bladder. Hydration packs come in all sorts of sizes and styles so be sure to narrow down exactly what you will be looking for before deciding on one specific model. If you simply skate an 8 mile loop each day you probably will just want a smaller pack with a smaller bladder. If you’re looking to do some day hiking and need to carry more gear and enough water for a day out on the trail you will want a larger pack.


All things considered hydration packs are a great addition to any athletes gear and can make your experience with the activity that much better. Be sure to check out our supply of hydration packs today!


Styles of Hydration Packs




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