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Illegal to Inline Skate?Royal Park Police


By. Kevin Larive


Who knew it was illegal to inline skate? Turns out Rollerblading in the Royal Parks over in good ole London, England may decide that it is.


Royal Parks in London do have certain activities that are illegal. Some of the most notable are flying a kite, playing a game, playing a musical instrument or partaking in any type of sport or exercise.


Recently, the Magistrates Court heard a case questioning the legality of Rollerblading in the Royal Parks. The reason for the hearing is a collision between a skater and a cyclist resulted in the accidental death of the cyclist. Ever since that tragic accident there have been signs posted all over the park that forbids both activities from taking place.


The reason this came up was because in May Martin Brass was stopped by Police in a neighboring park Regents Park because he was skating to work. Martin Brass and his lawyer are arguing in court that it shouldn’t be illegal to Skate or Cycle in the park.


It seems a tad ridiculous that you cannot skate or cycle in a park. Yes, a death occurred but it was clearly an accident.


The Magistrates in England agree that it shouldn’t be illegal and Mr. Martin Brass had the charge revoked.


Now the Parks should take down the signs stating it is illegal to skate or cycle so folks can enjoy a nice skate through the park.


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