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For full details on closure type, please see our Inline Skate Buying Guide


The days of inline skates just having boring standard lacing systems is a thing of the past, now there are ratchets, buckles, Velcro, quick lace and Boa! Skaters are typically going to lean towards one type of closure or another based on personal preference.


Standard Lacing – Originally the only form of a closure system, standard lacing systems are now frequently partnered with ratchet buckles and/or Velcro straps.


Ratchet Buckles – At one time, this was a two- or three-buckle closure system that replaced lacing systems as the sole closure system on inline skates. Ratchet buckles often accompany the lacing system and can be found on skates with standard laces, quick laces or Boa closure systems.


Velcro Straps - Velcro Straps, also known as power straps are used in tandem with standard lacing and ratchet buckle systems. They help to keep your heel positioned correctly in the heel cup of the skate.



Quick Lace – Power Assisted (quick lace) closure systems are very convenient. They allow for easy-on, easy-off skating with a quick pull and are a great timesaver. The system consists of a thin but extremely durable cable that runs up the skate boot like a standard lace.


Boa Lacing – Boa lacing is similar to quick lace systems but instead of a pull and tighten system, the Boa lace is fed through a dial. The dial on the top of the skate will easily tighten or loosen the inline skates with a simple turn of the knob.


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