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For full details on cuff height, please see our Inline Skate Buying Guide


Cuffs on inline skates are where the support is produced. Without the stability of the cuffs, inline skates would offer the support of a $10 pair of slippers. OK, maybe that is a bit drastic but having a quality cuff is going to allow skaters to generate more power when pushing off while giving them ample support for long skating sessions. There are two main types of cuffs on skates; plastic or carbon.


Plastic Cuff/High Cuff – A plastic cuff can be found on a lot of recreational inline skates and is not necessarily a sign of a poor skate. The plastic used on inline skate cuffs is very durable and responsive offering skaters a great feel of performance and support.


Carbon Cuff/Low Cuff – Carbon cuffs are a definite upgrade from plastic offering more support and response for hardcore skaters. Found on marathon and race inline skates, a carbon cuff is going to be very responsive and stiff making it great for pure performance.

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