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For full details on skate type, please see our Inline Skate Buying Guide


There are several disciplines of inline skating, and with that there are a few different styles of inline skates available. The four main types of inline skates are going to be fitness, race, recreation, and urban. There are also aggressive and inline hockey skates, but we talk about them in other guides.


Fitness: Great for more experienced skaters and for those looking for more out of their skates. There is quite a range in this style of skate and you will find skates with features for skating a bit faster, and for greater distances than recreational skates.


Race: Race style inline skates are going to offer a very stiff boot design boasting great performance. The stiff boots make for great performance but will not be super comfortable meaning these skates are truly only for those looking for race inspired performance.


Recreation: One of the most popular style of skates great for beginner to intermediate skaters. Built with comfort in mind, and a splash of performance, skates in the recreational category are going to give a great fit and feel for a first time skater, and will offer a stepping stone to fitness skates.


Urban: Urban style inline skates are relatively new and offer a boot design reminiscent to an aggressive skate. Built for city streets, with a nimble short frame design, urban skates are great for zipping around crowded sidewalks.


Roller Hockey: Roller Hockey skates feature a hockey skate boot which is generally a stiffer boot than a fitness skate, they also have a short wheel base that makes them more maneuverable for quicker starts and stops while playing hockey.


Aggressive: Aggressive skates have a short wheel base with smaller wheels with a flatter profile for easier landing, they come with plates to allow the skater to “grind” rails and ledges. These skates are beefier than fitness skates and are designed to take a beating.

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