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For full details on wheel size, please see our Inline Skate Wheel Buying Guide


Inline wheel sizing is measured by diameter and stated in millimeters (mm). Wheel diameters will vary in size from very small (57mm or below), to very large (up to 100mm). The variances exist due to the different types of skates that are available. Very large wheels are most commonly found on racing skates because larger wheels allow for higher speeds. Smaller wheels on the other hand offer faster acceleration and deceleration, which is why most skates do not utilize the larger wheel sizes mentioned previously.


To provide you with a general idea of the wheel diameters you will find across the different skate types, here is a short breakdown:


Aggressive Skates: Require high rates of acceleration to perform tricks and jumps. The typical wheel size found on aggressive skates is 56mm, and rarely larger than 59mm.


Hockey Skates: Hockey skates typically use wheels which are between 72mm and 80mm. It is important to check your skates before purchasing replacement inline hockey wheels as the various manufacturers all use different wheel configurations and therefore require different sized wheels.


Recreational Skates: Depending on the level skater the skate is made for, recreational skates wheel diameters can range from 70mm up to 90mm, and anywhere in between. Smaller sized wheels are often found older skates or skates designed for beginners. While, 90mm wheels are rather large; therefore they should be used by skaters who are comfortable at higher speeds.


Fitness Skates: Fitness skates use large wheels to help the skater with improved efficiency. The larger wheels roll better and fitness skaters definately notice a difference on long skates.


Race Skates: Race skates use very large wheels to help skaters get the smoothest ride with the most efficiency at higher speeds. Inline Skate racers often complete marathons in under an hour and therefore high efficiency at speed is key. Wheels for this skate type are usually larger than you will find on any other skate type. Commonly, the wheel diameter is larger than 90mm for the purpose of higher speeds. Additionally, speed skates are unlikely to use a brake, but instead will feature a wider wheel base, and also potentially use 5 wheels instead of the typical 4 wheels. Keep this in mind when you are searching for wheels for a speed skate.

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