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Inline Skating At The Metrodome



When the Metrodome in Minneapolis is not being used for the Vikings, Twins or Gophers there are many exciting things that happen inside its revolving doors. One of the most exciting things is the inline skating inside the Metrodome giving it another fitting name, the Rollerblade Rollerdome named after its main sponsor Rollerblade Inline Skates. The Hubert H. Humphreys Metrodome is located in Minneapolis Minnesota and the trapped air dome has seen 550,000 skaters since 1990. Directions Here.


Inline Skating the Metrodome



Minnesota is known for the brutal winters and cold weather they are accustomed to having which makes skating in the dome that much more popular as in many cases it is the only way many inline enthusiasts can get their roll on in the winter. From November through April, upper and lower regions of the metrodome transform into the Rollerblade Rollerdome hosting thousands of inline skaters from those training for a marathon, general fitness seekers to children of all ages and adults learning for their first time skating. Admission is $6.50 for adults, $5.50 for students, and $4.50 for kids. If you need to rent skates you can do so for an additional charge of $5.00 and you will receive an up to date well maintained pair of Rollerblade brand skates. Pads and a helmet are not required but are recommended and if you do not have these items the staff at the Rollerblade Rollerdome will be nice enough to supply them for you.


The Rollerdome does not discriminate from the very beginner to the very speedy as the set up makes everyone comfortable as they zip around the stadium. Having an upstairs and downstairs the Rollerdome can cater to differing needs and they do so with certain areas for specific purposes. The upstairs at the Rollerdome is for the more fitness minded skaters whom have their bearings on skates and are comfortable. There are lanes for different speeds having the inside left is for the speediest and the right side for the slower traffic. The lower level is filled with children and novices going their own speed having a great time and getting assistance from the inline equipped staff if needed.


The Metrodome is a great place to skate and if you find yourself around Minneapolis, you should definitely stop in and take a couple laps.




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