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Inline Skating Soreness


You just skated Five miles at a pretty solid speed and rate. You get home and take all your gear off and hop in the shower. After the shower you are sitting around eating dinner or maybe just watching the television and you get up to get something out of the fridge and that’s when you feel it. That’s right I’m talking about muscle soreness. Pain in your muscles is frequently felt when you start a new exercise and change the intensity of your normal routine. Now don’t freak out this is totally normal and doesn’t require a visit to your local doctor, or the emergency room if you skated later in the evening and the clinic is closed.



No Pain - No Gain - Inline Skating



This delayed soreness isn’t the same as the pain or fatigue you might feel in your legs while you are actually inline skating. The delayed soreness is generally the worst the first couple of days after you go skating and will start to go away in the next few days.


The cause of this soreness is thought to be a tearing of your muscle fibers. It depends on how much tearing of the fibers based on how long or how hard you are skating. This muscle soreness is common with beginner skaters as there bodies aren’t used to the motions experienced while skating.


There is no 100 percent effective way to relieve this muscle soreness other than just simply relaxing and taking it easy for a couple days and let it heal naturally. You can try light stretching, but again it’s not 100 percent effective.


Tips for Dealing with Muscle Soreness


Here are some tips for dealing with the muscle soreness after your first skate or long, hard skate.


Rest and Recover- simply wait it out; the soreness is usually gone in a week


Ice Bath- there is no actual evidence but a lot of professional athletes use ice baths and say there muscles feel a lot better when they get out


Gentle Stretching- if you gently stretch after your skate, you will feel some relief


Sports Massage- some studies have shown that a sports massage reduces muscle soreness


Warm Up- it’s a little late for that the first time, but make sure you warm-up before you skate the next time to reduce muscle fatigue



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