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Inline Skating Terms Glossary





ABEC is the acronym for Annular Bearing Engineering Committee. This committee sets the standards and requirements for ABEC rated bearings. The ABEC ratings for bearings are 1, Inline Skate Bearing3, 5, 7 and 9; the higher the number the more precise the bearing


*Some companies have started to name their bearings themselves, i.e. Rollerblade uses “SG” rated bearings and K2 has started using “ILQ” rated bearings. This does not mean the bearings are lower quality; this simply means K2 and Rollerblade did not have their bearing inspected by the Annular Bearing Engineering Committee so they paid fewer fees enabling them to offer lower prices


ABT (Active Brake Technology)


Rollerblade brand inline skates patented their innovative braking system called ABT. ABT or “Active Brake Technology” offers the skater the ability to brake their inline skates with all eight wheels on the ground. As the skaters foot goes forward the calf presses against the rear cuff which activates the brake arm; the brake comes down and allows all eight wheels to still be on the ground


Axle Systems


Axle systems secure the wheel and bearing to the frame of the skate. Secured within the frame of the skate this allows an axis of rotation for the wheel. Axle systems come in all different sizes and styles depending on the skate model




Bearings are round mechanisms which contains steel balls; bearings allow the wheels to turn smooth and free on the axle


Bearing Spacer


Typically made of steel, nylon or aluminum the bearing spacer sits inside the wheel between the two bearings which keeps the bearings evenly spaced and in alignment. Bearing spacers allow the bearings to operate most efficiently


Bearing Popper


Found on the Blade Tool from Rollerblade and many other manufacturers a bearing popper easily releases bearings from the wheel. Without this tool it’s easy to damage the bearing while attempting to remove it; a bearing popper fits right on the outer edge of the bearing and forces it out




Advanced lacing technology which uses a dial to tighten instead of laces which enhances function and performance


Convex Shape


Convex shape is the name given to the outward curve in frame design. This design Inline Skate Wheelsincreases strength and rigidity while decreasing weight




Refers to the nylon center of most wheels; hubs come in a variety of types from hubless, open core and closed core




Name given to the upper section of the skate, shell and liner




Durometer refers to the hardness of the wheel. Measured in units of “A” The higher the number the harder the wheel




Like a footbed in any shoe these are found in the bottom of the liner and are also referredInline Skate Footbeds to as insoles. Inline skates come with anatomical footbeds which improve fit, comfort and performance. Footbeds can be upgraded and replaced depending on desired fit


Fully Serviceable Bearings


Most all bearings are full service; full service refers to the ability to remove the bearings outer crown retainer to clean and lubricate the bearings




Name referring to axle systems and bearing spacers


Lateral Support


Name given to the support in a skate when moving from side to side; being laterally stiff in a skate provides great ankle support and edge control while turning


Memory Foam


Liner material which self molds around the skaters foot for an increase in support, fit and comfort


Non-Serviceable Bearings


Bearings which are permanently sealed and cannot be serviced




Plastic used in production of select skate shells, typically softer and more conforming than polyurethane




Plastic used in the production of select skate shells, typically stiffer and more supportive than polyethylene


Precision Bearings


Bearings that do not have an ABEC rating




Refers to how much of a wheel comes in contact with the skating surface; typically rated as narrow, rounded or wide




Measure of the bounciness and liveliness of a wheel; high rebound wheels offer a livelier feel returning more of the skater’s energy. Low rebound wheels offer a less lively feel and dissipate more of the energy




Creating a curved shape in the skates wheelbase making the skate rock or tip; often achieved with the use of spacers or different sized wheels


Serviceable Bearings


Bearings with removable shields for cleaning and re-lubrication




Plastic outer of the skate often made of molded plastic




Inline skates often offer ventilated properties whether it’s strategically placed holes in the shell of the boot to a breathable liner




Measure of the length of the frame; determines the maneuverability and stability of the skate; longer = more stable, less maneuverable: shorter = more maneuverable, less stable

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Womens Inline Skates


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