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Inline Skating in Extreme Heat – 5 Tips from


By. Chris Gorski




In the hottest days of summer it can be a challenge to muster up the willingness to do almost any activity below the bellowing sun, but we can’t stay in all summer! So what do you do when you are being barraged with 90 degree day after 90 degree day? We offer here some tips and tricks when inline skating during the hottest days of summer as well as what to look for while skating in the summer.


Inline Skating in the Heat Checklist


1.) Drink plenty and bring plenty of water


This should really be a no brainer but having a good amount of water and staying hydrated before, during and after your workout is an absolute must. Make sure to invest in a hip belt water bottle carrying system or something similar so you can comfortably bring a water bottle while skating. If you feel yourself becoming dehydrated be sure to take a break from skating and rehydrate immediately.


2.) Sunscreen!


Another pretty easy to remember part of playing in the sun is sunscreen but many skaters will forget this portion of being prepared. While skating with the wind of resistance it is easy to sometimes forget that it is indeed sunny and that the sun is inevitably beaming down right on you while you skate. Find a quality sunscreen that will work well with sweat which can easily be found in the active style sunscreens.


3.) Skate in the early am or at dusk


If you wish to skate on days where the temperature is extremely high it would be best to skate during the early morning or at dusk when the sun is the least overbearing. This not only gives you a more comfortable temperature for skating but can help increase the life of your skate’s wheels. The extreme heat of the asphalt or concrete skating surface will greatly impact the life of your inline skate’s wheels causing them to wear excessively in a short time of use.


4.) Watch out for cracked sidewalks and other imperfections


The summer heat can do some weird things to sidewalks and skating paths. Island City, Oregon is dealing with this problem as the recent heat waves have caused parts of their sidewalks to buckle causing a rough go for skaters. When out skating at your local spot be sure to be on the lookout for issues and go a step forward and report these issues so they can be addressed.


5.) Check weekly weather forecasts and skate on the coolest days


If you skate every single day you can simply heed the advice of skating only in the morning or evening when the temp is the lowest but what if you skate only 3 times a week? If you skate for a cardio workout or simply only wish to skate a few times a day it is super easy to find out which days are going to be best by watching the forecast. Look ahead each week with your local forecast to point out which days are going to be the best for skating. Why skate when it is 90 degrees and humid when you know a cold front is coming the next day.


6.) Find an indoor skating arena or rink


If you are in the midst of an all summer scorcher and cannot find relief in cooler days it may be time to seek shelter. Many cities have indoor skating rinks for inline skaters and roller skaters where you can skate in an indoor and air conditioned area. Find a skating rink near or in your city and find some time that works with your schedule and escape the heat!


Inline Skating Summer Tips

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