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Inline Skating in the Rain | One Skaters Story


So yesterday I decided to skip cardio at the gym in favor of skating. However, on my way home it started to rain a bit and I wasn’t sure it would be a good idea to go skating, however, I decided to go for it and skate in the rain and was able to do so with varying degrees of success. I had never before skated in the rain as I have heard its bad on your wheels, bearings and traction can be tricky, but being a former hockey player I figured I had the past skills to pull it off.


I ran in my apartment and threw on my blades and my wrist guards and out I went. When I started it was lightly sprinkling and I was able to move around at normal speeds and still maintain normal traction. I decided to spend 30 minutes skating to get a good workout in.



Inline Skating in the Rain



After about ten minutes the rain started to pick up and the pavement started becoming very slick, however I kept plugging along and to no surprise down I went for probably the second time in my life, rest assured I was not injured. Up I got and as the rain started coming down harder, I in turn started slowing down and making sure I had the proper balance. For the remaining 20 minutes in my workout it was slow going, but I was able to stay up and get a solid workout.


So, lessons learned from skating in the rain, are that yes you can do it, just make sure you aren’t trying to fly around, keep the proper balance, use caution and allow yourself plenty of room to stop. Additionally, check your bearings to make sure they are still dry; if they got wet clean them off. If you don’t check them you will need to replace them, so keep an eye on them.




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