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Inline Wheels Coming Loose, We Can Help


Never deal with loose inline wheels ever again and have more confidence while lacing or ratcheting your inline skates up. Nothing is more annoying than having an axle come loose on your inline skate, whether your playing competitive roller hockey, dropping into a half pipe or taking a stroll around the neighborhood we can show you how to solve this issue.


There are two main things to do in order to prevent an axle bolt loosening up on you causing the wheel to either wobble or fall completely off. The easiest way to combat this is to check and tighten your skates axles regularly, check them before every skate to ensure tightness. A tip for this is to keep an allen wrench close to you when skating, in some skates given the padding is sufficient you can hide a single allen wrench under the liner of the boot for easy access.


Inline Skate Axle Bolt


The second and main defense against loose axle bolts in an inline skate is using Loctite Threadlocker on the axle bolts giving them more strength. On the picture above you can see the blue coating on the wheel, this blue material is Loctite Threadlocker and most all axles come with this from the factory. This wears off over time and can be re-applied, Loctite is available at most all hardware stores and purchasing the medium strength which is the blue is adequate. Simply apply the Loctite to the end of the axle bolts threaded piece, you do not need a lot, and you are finished.


Using these simple steps can take the head ache out of loose inline skate wheels and will help you keep all your wheels on the pavement more of the time. Confidently rip that slap shot at your roller hockey tournament, drop in with ease or simply breeze through the neighborhood smoothly with your wheels secure on your inline skates.



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