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K2 Skates and Boa Technology


Many models of K2 skates have started offering a Boa closure system which many skaters are finding to be a great match. The Boa closure system puts an end to the problematic loosening of skates and adds a bit extra security in stiffness. This added ability to tighten the K2 skates with the Boa technology offers unsurpassed control without hampering comfort. There are several models of K2 skates with Boa closure from the beginner looking for a comfortable fit and smooth control to the advanced skater looking for a stiff boot, large wheels and great speed. See all the Boa Closure K2 Skates and see which one will define your skating.


K2 Skates with BOA Technology


What is a Boa Closure System?


The Boa closure system was designed as an aid in the long line of problems found in standard and traditional closures and delivers many benefits. These benefits are hard to get in traditional laces, buckles and ratchets and can make the sporting process more enjoyable. K2 BOA skates benfit skaters in the following ways:

Up Close Look at the Boa Closure for K2 Skates


Micro-Adjustability: You can fine tune the tightness a little less, a little more depending on how you're feeling.


On the Fly Adjustment: You can literally tighten or loosen the Boa closure on the fly so you don't miss a stride.


Lightweight: The Boa closure does not add much weight to the K2 Skates and sheds heavy buckle systems.


Fast: Easy to take on and off in a flash, save precious seconds when necessary.


Secure: Boa locks in place and stays there; no worries of premature loosening or over tightening.


Easy to clean:  Not that you should take your K2 skates through mud or dirt but if they ever get dirty they are easily cleaned.


Quick to take off: Boa is easy to remove, simply pull out on the Boa knob and then you can pull the tongue forward and voilà! You're all set to remove the skates.