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Man Due in Court for 70 MPH Inline Skating Stunt


By Chris Gorski




Going 70 mph while wearing a set of inline skates just seems like a bad idea and guess what? It is! The incident took place in England when Dale Powles, 24, held onto a car skating aside at speeds up to 70 mph.


The way the police were able to capture Powles was in an unconventional manner.


It wasn’t until a Facebook video was making its rounds depicting the high speed skating stunt that the cops were able to identify and track down Powles. The Footage has been since removed but below we have included some stills of the alleged crime.


Dale Powles - 70mph Skater


Speedometer Showing Skate Speed


The point to this story is to keep your skates going at a moderate speed and don’t go holding onto cars because the crime doesn’t pay!

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