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Marriage on Roller Skates



Getting Married on Roller Skates


Believe it or not, getting married on a pair of roller skates is nothing new and it’s not entirely uncommon.


Saying your ‘I Do’s on roller skates actually dates back to 1912 when a couple in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, became man and wife in the first recorded ceremony to take place on roller skates. 


Wild Wedding on Inline Skates


In 1939, the marriage between the captain of the boys and girls European Roller Skating Team were wed and it made the newsreels quite possibly being one of the first wedding videos to be taking.  


From first dances as husband and wife to roller skaters around the world, here are some of the highlights of marriage on roller skates through the years.

Vintage Roller Skating Wedding


First Dance Video -

Another Skating Marriage Dance Video -