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Meditation on Wheels - Finding Relaxation on Skates


By. Kevin Larive


People are always on the search for some sort of spiritual enlightenment. Most people look high and low from workshops to meditation classes. After going through classes and searching internet for a great way to meditate and clear the clutter from my mind I realized the answer was right in front of my face. That awesome form of meditation I found comes in the form of inline skating. I inline skate as a great, and fun cardio workout, but now I found it also clears my mind from the tons of stress that consumes my life.


 Meditation on Inline Skates


All these years I’ve spent skating and I always knew it cleared my mind from time to time I guess I just didn’t realize how therapeutic skating could be to help me relieve stress. The meditational powers and qualities inline skating has is outstanding. Inline skating gives you the potential to focus your mind and block all those stress factors that you face in your everyday life. Whether I strap my inline skates on and skate around my apartment complex or hop in the car and drive to a local park, I have come to realize that when I am inline skating my attention is completely focused on the task at hand. I notice little things like a crack in the pavement or a fallen twig or any other wreck causing debris on my path to a stress free workout. These kinds of observations are what make inline skating so refreshing, fun and enjoyable for me. When I am on my inline skates I go into another world free of thoughts of work and bills and other daily stresses that I come across on any given day. Inline skating is my favorite form of meditation and a great way to exercise all in one fun little package.


Skating at a local park on a super smooth surface can give you that stress free exercise you are looking for. When skating on a smooth surface you can really clear your mind as there is no reason to worry about cracked pavement or debris on the path. You really have nothing to worry about other than a possibly fellow skater getting in your way but that isn’t something to stress about. Being able to inline skate on a smooth surface is just outstanding. Having a completely clear mind will make all your troubles go away for the time being. You can even incorporate yoga into your inline skating routine!


Inline Skating Happy Place


What do you feel when you skate? I can’t possibly be the only one who thinks this way. I challenge you to go out and get a pair on inline skates and try this for yourself. If you want a clear mind and a great, fun way to exercise then grab those inline skates and get rolling.


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