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Why You Need Specific Skate Tools and Lube for Inline Skates


Miscellaneous things you may need to improve your inline skating experience include such things as Tools and Lubes. We here at keep several options for tool and lubes in stock as we know how important they are to you having a fun and exciting inline skating experience.


Such things carried are skate gels, Citrus cleaners, Turbo wash, skate tools and more. The various gels and cleaners are ideal for keeping your bearings clean and working well. The skate tools are handy as they are used for rotating your wheels and popping bearings out so you can clean them up.


Choosing a Skate Tool


There are a few different features that you will find in skate tools from the standard Allen wrench and screwdriver to bearing pushers and ratchet tools. What you’ll want to decide is what you will be using the tool for most often. If you simply want a skate tool t carry with you as you skate to check the tightness of bolts as you skate you don’t need a bearing pusher. If you plan on doing all your own maintenance you will want to find a skate tool with all the bells and whistles including a bearing pusher.


Why Can’t I Just Use a Screwdriver as a Bearing Pusher?


Bearing pushers are specially formulated and sized to properly remove a bearing from an inline skate wheel. Trying to use a screwdriver or other tool will run the risk of damaging the bearing, wheel, hub or your hands. If you plan on removing your bearings we highly recommend purchasing a skate tool with a bearing pusher, there really is no substitute for the right tool.


Skate Lubes and Cleaners


If you are doing your own skate maintenance at home you will definitely want to purchase some specific lubes and cleaners. The skate washes, cleaners and lubes sold here at are going to be specifically formulated to be used on inline skates and gives a great bearing speed and spin while preventing corrosion and oxidation. We recommend getting a skate wash to use to clean your bearings before using a skate lube to oil or lube up your inline skate bearings.


Why Can’t I Use Oil and Grease from the Hardware Store?


Unfortunately using just any grease or oil could cause more issues than any benefits you may get. The skate lube, gels and oils we stock are going to be water repellent and synthetically based made for inline skates specifically. Some oils and lubes you may find at the local hardware could actually draw and attract more dirt and dust.


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