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The National Museum of Roller Skating



In the middle of the country somewhere on the eastern end of Nebraska in the city of Lincoln, you’ll find a building that’s a tribute to skating.


The National Museum of Roller Skating contains the world’s largest collection of roller skates and boasts 1,500 volumes of roller skating books and periodicals as well as over 10,000 photos.


Now, the roller skating fanatic has a reason to head to Lincoln, Nebraska.


A History of the History:


Roller skating’s origins date back to the 1760’s (when George Washington was in his 30’s) but you’ll have to flash forward a few years to get the beginning of inline skating.


It all started in 1819 when the very first inline skate was patented. Skating really didn’t take off until the 1860’s though and, even then, it wasn’t inline skates that hit the market. A man named James Plimpton in Massachusetts patented the quad and roller skates. The thoughts of four wheels lined up in a row were abandoned for nearly 100 years in favor of the quad design.


But just because it came back in the 1960’s didn’t necessarily mean there was a comeback. In fact, not until the 80’s when Rollerblade began producing inline skates that the sport really began to take off. Rollerblades not only dominated the sport of inline skating but the mere acting of inline skating became knowing as Rollerblading.


The Museum:


It’s at the National Museum of Roller Skating that you can see the different frames, wheel types, boots, and more all on display. Check out the history of skating which includes international skates to exhibits with memorabilia from roller rinks. You can see photos of old vaudevillian players and Inline Skating Museum Insidecompetition skating dating back decades and view exhibits featuring roller hockey drawing from matches in the 1800’s to the origins of the roller derby.


So, maybe you’re making a cross-country trip or have business in Lincoln, Nebraska, or just really want to see this museum; either way, when you find yourself in the capitol of the Cornhusker State, check out the colorful history of skating at National Museum of Roller Skating.


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