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New Types of Inline Skates hit the Market


By Chris Gorski




The traditional inline skate has been improved upon over the years with better materials and components but the overall design of the skates has remained fairly similar. But now there are some new options for inline skaters to choose from and particularly for skaters that don’t feel like taking their shoes off. So Lets check out these new inline skates and figure out what all the hubbub is about!


Doop Swift, Classic and Freestyle Skates


At first glance you will be able to easily see that these skates are different than your everyday K2’s or Rollerblades. With a similar frame and wheel design to standard inline skates the Doop offers its differentiation in the skate’s boot. These boots are almost like a snowboard binding in how it will wrap around your existing shoes and act as an exoskeleton. The idea behind the Doop skates are to allow users to wear their existing comfortable shoes giving the skates zero break in time and will make it super easy to take these off and on. Great for those that use their skates as transportation and find themselves taking their skates on and off to go into businesses or homes.


Doop Skates


Currently there are 3 models of Doop skates; the Classic, the Swift and the Freestyle. The Doop Classic is equipped with 84mm wheels and is equipped with a brake. The Classic is best for beginner to intermediate skaters and will offer a great mix of control and speed. For those looking for a bit more speed the 3 wheeled Doop Swift is a great choice. The slightly larger wheels offer a bit more speed and the 3 wheels per skate give a decent turning radius so you can still control the skates well. For those looking for ultimate control the Doop Freestyle has 80mm wheels and a shorter frame for better cornering and control but take not this model is not equipped with a brake and is best for experienced skaters.




Cardiff S1 and S2 Skates


If you’re looking for something even more south of normal inline skates you will want to take a look at the new Cardiff skates. These skates feature a three wheeled design and adapt to fit your standard everyday shoes. For skaters coming off of traditional inline skates these may take some getting used to but will be great for those looking for more stability. The two wheels in the back offer an easier to stand on flat design which will boost confidence in even the most beginner levels of skaters.


Cardiff Skates


The Cardiff S1 is the men’s version of the skate and offers ABEC 5 bearings and a mixture of 90mm and 100mm wheels to ensure smooth speed and easy to maneuver control. The Cardiff S2 is the women’s version of the skates and offers the same great ABEC 5 bearings but offer a slightly smaller wheel set up with 80mm and 90mm wheels. The men’s S1 skates will adjust from a shoe size of 4-13 and can be easily adjusted, the women’s S2 model will adjust from a women’s shoe size of 2-9


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