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Putting on New Inline Skates


By Chris Gorski


Many skaters get a raw deal when they first try on their new inline skates. It’s possible to think you have the wrong size if you don’t know the proper way to put on your new skates. Inline skates are not like your shoes where they will feel perfect when you first try them on, but there is a few tips to ensure you are putting the skates on and getting the best feel possible.


Happy Inline Skater

• Loosen up the skates completely before putting them on. Don’t try to slip them on with the laces still tight, or with just having the top buckle undone. Actually loosening all the tightening systems will allow you to easily slide your foot in comfortably.


• When you slide your foot in, kick your heel back. You will want to kick your heel back before tightening the skates. This will put your heel back into the heel pocket of the boot and help you get a better feel for the actual fit of the skates.


• Start tightening the skates. Start with the topmost closure and work your way down. If you start with the top buckle you will pull your heel back into the heel pocket before tightening the laces and other closures which will hold the foot in place. If you tightened the laces and mid-closures first, the foot would be held in place before you had a chance to tighten the top and pull the heel back.


Another good thing to keep in mind is inline skate break in time. The way a skate fits when you first put it on is not how it is going to fit once the skate breaks in. An inline skate can break in between a ¼ and a ½ size from how it initially fits. When you first put on a skate it is alright if your toes are touching the front. As long as your toes are not curled or crammed in the front of the skate, the skates will break in and fit correctly.


And remember, offers a 100% satisfaction guaranteed return program so if you get your skates and they don’t fit you can easily return them. Try on your skates inside first and don’t use them outside until you know they fit, as it is much easier to return skates in new condition.

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