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Roller Skates, Bubbles and Music


On any given day going through e-mails we receive a lot of spam messages. Buy this, look at this, make this larger. But, today I was pleasantly surprised to receive a message that was not spam and what was included quite possibly made my week.


The message was about a band, I’m Your Vinyl, hailing from Ireland who made a music video with roller skates and a bubble machine. Being a skater, a fellow musician and an avid bubble lover (seriously, who doesn’t love bubbles?) I felt this could make my Wednesday morning a little better by taking a little peak. I tell you what, I was not let down.


Dana Donnelly, Singer/Guitarist is featured skating along in her pink and white roller skates, gliding through a sea of bubbles in a park setting singing the band’s song On To The Ashes. Accompanied with Producer/Musician Ken Mc Hugh, this Indie/Pop band actually has talent and a good vibe going for them. With band interests like Bubbles, Rollerskates, Sunshine and Ponds. How could they not?


Big thanks to Dana and Ken for sending your music video my way. I hope more people get the opportunity to enjoy your talent. I’m Your Vinyl’s Part one of their debut album will be released June 15th. So be sure to check them out!


Now, without further ado, here is On To The Ashes by I’m Your Vinyl. Go out and enjoy the sun with some Roller Skating!



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