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Rollerblade Brand Urban Skates


An Urban Skate is a somewhat new addition to the Rollerblade skate line up. These Urban Rollerblade skates offer a smooth and responsive ride in urban city environments.


Rollerblade Urban Skates



Rollerblade has fused molded boot technology with their breathable and comfortable features to make these urban skate inlines excel in their environment. Rollerblade has offered a few different models of urban skate inlines this season to meet the needs of many different urban skate enthusiasts. Check out the most recent urban skate releases below and be sure to read below for additional information!


Rollerblade RB 90 Urban Inline Skates:


The RB 90 from Rollerblade is made for the urban rockstar with a great and unique blend of comfort, lightness, stability and performance you have come to expect. Comfort can be found in the specialized Rollerblade 5 star fit footbed and shock absorber which means no more sore feet. The vented molded cuff along with the spitfire aluminum frame attribute to the lightness of the skate. The RB 90 is serious about stability as it offers a cuff strap a 45 degree buckle and laces which will instill more confidence in your skating bringing you more fun. Performance is gained from the Active 90mm wheels and SG9 bearings giving you a smooth and solid roll. Be an urban rock star with the RB 90 from Rollerblade and see what you have been missing.


Rollerblade RB 90 Urban Inline Skate


Rollerblade Fusion 84 Urban Inline Skates:


Looking for a skate that can withstand the riggers of exhilarating city skating? Look no further than the rugged and comfortable Rollerblade Fusion 84. A cool design makes the Fusion visually appealing but wait.. There is still great performance to be had from the bulletproof frame to the specially made footbed. Your rolling will be smooth if you run into any bumpy terrain courtesy of the Active 84mm wheels and SG9 Bearings. The specialized 5 star fit footbed and PU foam shock absorber give you the support you need with the comfort you desire. Do not get disappointed; get the Fusion 84 from Rollerblade.


Rollerblade Fusion 84 GM Urban Inline Skate


Rollerblade Twister LE Urban Inline Skate:


The LE in the name of the Rollerblade Twister LE skate stands for Limited Edition. This skate offers a very aesthetically pleasing exterior with little hints of color and design making it truly limited edition. But it doesn’t just stop at looks, this skate comes equipped with an SG9 bearing to offer a smooth roll to the 80mm Hyper Concrete wheels. The wheels are a bit smaller offering great control and being set up for concrete they will offer a long life span. Comfort and support will be found in the skate’s Five Star Fit Rollerblade liner. To keep the weight minimal Rollerblade offers the Hot Rod Aluminum chassis with racing axles. If you are looking for a skate to stand out from the crowd the Twister LE urban skate will offer you just that!


Rollerblade Twister LE Urban Inline Skate


Rollerblade Twister 80 Urban Inline Skates:


The Rollerblade Twister 80 is a quick and maneuverable, durable multi-purpose skate that is great for urban use. The Hot Rod 243 low frame and Urban profile wheels are designed to improve control and speed when changing direction. They feature a molded cuff and shell that provide superior support and are great for getting around the city while meeting the demands of urban environments. The Urban 80mm wheels make them perfect for getting around crowded streets as they are smaller and easy to get around on.


Rollerblade Twister 80 Urban Inline Skate


Rollerblade Twister 80 Womens Urban Inline Skates:


Ladies you have not been forgotten! Rollerblade has designed and created this pair of Twister 80 W Inline Skates that are women specific. Designed to fit your foot shape, express your feminine style, while still providing durability and comfort as an equal while on the city streets and roads. The molded cuff and shell provide superior support, comfort and durability with breathable features that are very responsive, quick and maneuverable in urban environments. The V-cut liner is removable and specializes in a five star fit each time that they are used. The unique closure of laces, cuff buckle and 45 degree buckle will provide you with a secure and custom fit, great flex, stiffness and support for all of your lateral and backward movements. The Hot Rod Aluminum frame is 243mm with racing axles, even though lightweight this frame is stiff, making it more efficient and durable. Lighter skates help to reduce fatigue and allow you to skate longer providing you with more of a workout as well as comfort on your feet, thus resulting in a more positive and efficient skating experience. This frame is also more durable and stiffer, causing you to have less flex and movement that will reduce the amount of energy that is lost when energy is transferred to the wheels. For your smooth and powerful stride the SG7 bearings will keep you gliding smoothly, at higher speeds, with less effort as you free ride while on the road, grind, jump and slide as you wear this pair of Twister 80 W Urban Inline Skates that will get you from point A to point B the fastest route possible.


Rollerblade Twister 80 Women's Urban Inline Skate


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