Rollerblade Fusion 84 GM Urban Inline Skates

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Rollerblade Fusion 84 GM Urban Inline Skates
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Skill Level: Advanced - lots of versatility in design, support and type

Advanced - lots of versatility in design, support and type

Skate Type: Urban - built for the city and zipping around busy sidewalks

Urban - built for the city and zipping around busy sidewalks


Versatile and durable with the maneuverability to move around and between any obstacles the concrete jungles put in your way these Rollerblade Fusion 84 GM Urban Inline Skates make your ride comfortable and fun. Designed to tackle the urban landscape, these inline skates are perfect for the skater looking to navigate through the city streets. A breathable Specialized 5 Star Fit and Foodbed liner as well as a ventilated bio-plastic molded shell ensures your comfort level and performance level stay at their peak. Best of all the Fusion 84 is also environmentally friendly. Tough, lightweight and quick, there's no better way to cruise than on a pair of the Rollerblade Fusion 84 GM Urban Inline Skates.

  • Bio plastic molded shell and cuff
  • 5 Star footbed
  • Environmentally Friendly


Skate Type  Urban Skate Cuff Height  High Skate Closure System  Traditional Laces
Closure System  Cuff Strap, 45 Degree Powerstrap and laces Maximum Wheel Size  84mm Wheel Configuration  84mm - 84mm - 84mm - 84mm
Wheel Durometer  84A Bearing Grade  High Performance Bearing Type  SG 9
Skate Frame Material  Metal or Metal Alloy Frame Material  Aluminum UFS Lining Material  Specialized 5 Star V cut
Special Features  PU Foam Shock Absorber Model Year  2013 Model Number  07206200324 240
Product ID  257172     
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I have been skating for 20 + years and decided to get some new skates. A member of your staff (Shaun Spiegle) recomended the new Fusion 84 GM. He sent them in 2 sizes. What a great idea! I got them , down here in Raleigh NC,in two days. Whi...Read More
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Okay me and my friend where both wanting to get back into skateing and we havent skated in like 4 or 5 years since we have been young and wanted something fun and awesome to do again so we decided to get some roller blades. First off have n...Read More
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Q: Hi there I am convinced that these are the best skates hands down. ufs. 84mm 255mm frame is amazing ... I wanted to know where I can find more ufs 255mm frames.??
Asked : Feb 14, 2017
By : sergio, Glendale ca
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A: Don't you just love it when you find a skate that you fall in love with? I get it! As for frames, SEBA makes a great frame in the 255mm size, the Seba Deluxe has a max wheel size of 84mm and would be a great replacement for this skate. We don't currently stock the frames separate but please contact customer service at 888-421-6836 and they can look into special ordering whatever you need.
Answered : Feb 20, 2017
By : Chris
Q: Hi. I have the fusion x3 but I wanted to upgrade to the GM. but can't find them ... I would get the frame and the hydrogen wheels but where can I find them ???
Asked : Dec 06, 2016
By : sergio, Glendale ca
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A: We are currently sold out of the Fusion 84 GM model and I don't believe we'll be getting any more stock in this skate. I would recommend taking a look at some other options. The Rollerblade Maxxum 84 would be a great choice if you were looking for the 84mm wheel and upgraded frame. I skate on the Maxxum 90's and love them. Another options would be the Twister Pro which has an upgraded boot and frame but doesn't allow for larger wheels than the 80mm it comes with. Copy and paste this link to view all the urban skates.,default,sc.html?prefn1=dp-70&prefv1=Urban
Answered : Dec 06, 2016
By : Chris
Q: hi i am from toronto, my shoe size is 9, and i don't know what size should i get, do u have any idea??? thank you
Asked : Dec 19, 2015
By : bruno, toronto
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A: Shoe sizes tend to be identical whether they be in US sizing or Canadian, and inline skates fit very similar to your everyday shoe size. I would recommend you go with the same size as your everyday shoe size, which sounds like would be a size 9. I wear Rollerblade inline skates in a size 10.5 which is the same as my shoe size and they fit great.
Answered : Dec 21, 2015
By : Chris
Q: Hey. I am a flat footed person, and i have tested the fusion x3 skate. However, due to the shape of my foot, i feel the pain on my arch bone because it is protruding out. Are these the same boot as the fusion x3? do i get half a size bigger? will it help with the pain? Are these skates suitable for a flat footed person? thanks so much!
Asked : Feb 07, 2014
By : Calvin
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A: The Rollerblade Fusion 84 GM skates will feature a similar boot design to the Fusion X3's. Due to your foot shape, I would recommend going up a size in the GM's to accommodate the additional volume your foot will require.
Answered : Feb 08, 2014
By : Dru, Customer Care
Q: Lots of mixed reviews regarding Fusion 84 GM sizing, despite the general assertion that Rollerblade runs to size but wider. Some say that it is a tight fit and that a half size larger for this particular skate makes sense. I wear a 14 so do not have this luxury. Please could you double check and give me a recommendation for this exact model. My other option is a K2 V02 Max 90? I am going to have one take on this as I live in South Africa.
Asked : Aug 04, 2013
By : SkateRSA, South Africa
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A: With the Rollerblade Fusion 84 GM skates, you want to order true to your shoe size. Unlike skates from Rollerblade that have a softboot, these do not allow for instant expansion side to side, so it will feel tighter to begin with. However once the skates break in they will fit perfectly. I would recommend a size 14.0 if you go with this model, or look for a 14.5 if you opt for the K2 skates.
Answered : Aug 05, 2013
By : Dru, Customer Care
Q: I have been going back and forth between the Twister LE, RB 90, and these Fusion 84 GM. I am a size 11.5 US and know that the frame will be larger for my bigger feet. My question is; will 90mm wheels fit the 273mm frame? And if not is there any way to buy 11.5 (US) Fusion 84 GM with the smaller 255mm Frame that come on this skate for people with a smaller shoe size's? My Idea skate would be this Fusion 84 GM in 11.5 (US) with the 255mm Frame, but if the 273 frame will take 90mm wheels this may be a fair compromise.
Asked : Apr 07, 2013
By : AWViscool, Fresno, CA
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A: Unfortunately the Rollerblade Fusion 84 GM with the larger frame will still only fit a maximum wheel size of 84mm. We sell the skates as is and would sell the larger models with the larger frames only. However the 84 GM's do come with UFS frames and can be swapped out for any other UFS frame, including the 255mm frame on the smaller sizes.
Answered : Apr 09, 2013
By : Dru, Customer Care
Q: Hi! i'll probably be buying this skates, i've tried the fusion x3 and size US 10,5 fitted great. Shall i order the same size for this model? Thanks!
Asked : Jan 22, 2013
By : Francisco, Argentina
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A: Yes, the Fusion 84's from Rollerblade will fit similar to the Fusion X3's and should be ordered in the same size.
Answered : Jan 23, 2013
By : Dru, Customer Care
Q: what size should i buy?my shoes are 9.5
Asked : Nov 19, 2012
By : Rafael
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A: When sizing for inline skates, you will want to go with the same as your shoe size. Keep in mind that Rollerblade does run on the wide side, so if you have a narrow foot, you might want to size down a half size
Answered : Nov 21, 2012
By : Keith, Customer Care
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