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Rollerblade IPhone App


So Rollerblade has an IPhone App and with the growth of smart phones, particularly IPhones, this should be a hit with the inline skate community. This App is definitely a game changer for inline skate enthusiasts and will allow us as a whole to share data about our skate sessions making this App informative while offering useful information first hand to the user.



Rollerblade IPhone App


So, What Does a Rollerblade IPhone App Do?


The App simply entitled “Rollerblade” offers several features that will add some technical touches to your inline skating routine.


Inline Skate Routes


Easily track your route and make it accessible for others to see as you can see others routes as well. This makes it easy to not only share your favorite spot to throw on your Rollerblades but can give you new options to discover too. All these can be shared through or on your Facebook or Twitter accounts.


Track Data


Keep track of the time it takes you to skate a certain area and try to better your time every time or simply note it so you know how long a trip is going to take so you can plan accordingly. The display also shows speed, time, altitude, pavement quality and difficulty.



Rollerblade Apps



Latest Rollerblade Gear and Retailer Locater


On top of all the features for while you’re skating you also get updates on the latest and greatest Rollerblade gear with a feature to find the nearest retailer. This will come in handy when you are out of town skating and maybe need to find a retailer for some new wheels, bearings or new skates all together.




Rollerblade App Screenshot




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