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Rollerblade PLS Inline Skate Support System


It is no secret that ankle support and control are essential characteristics for successful power transfer and stability control when inline skating. If your ankles are loose and not firmly positioned to the heel of your skate, it will make any skating experience less enjoyable. Every skating manufacturer tries to develop a system that will help to firmly position the foot in place and maximize power transfer and stability. One of the systems that has been developed is the Power Later Support system, or PLS.


Rollerblade Skates with PLS System


Developed by Rollerblade, the PLS system works in tandem with the TFS lacing system. In case you are not familiar with the TFS lacing system, the TFS uses a thin, very durable wire to cinch the foot in place with uniform pressure. It is very simple to use and employs the use of a handle that is attached to the tension cable. One pull, and the entire lacing system begins to tighten and apply uniform pressure across your foot. The PLS system makes use of the TFS system’s ability to position the foot uniformly by providing a support that wraps and cradles the heel of the foot. The PLS system is different from older support technologies because it provides uniform support for both the heel and the ankle, while providing more flexibility and a customized fit. If you are looking for a way to maximize energy transfer and increase foot stability, check out skates with the PLS system.


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