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Safely Burn Calories Inline Skating


For most finding an activity to use as exercise can be harder than the exercise itself. Inline Skating to Burn CaloriesRunning is a very good cardio workout for burning calories and getting into great shape but running is also very hard on your body and can cause joint issues and reinstate past injuries. If only there was an effective exercise that burned calories almost equally as well and did not have the same negative effects of running, enter, inline skating.


Jogging and running can have negative effects on your joints mainly the knees while inline skating offers a similar aerobic benefit without the pain and damage to the joints. Some of the most common injuries found in running are rarely found in inline skating, injuries such as shin splints, Achilles Tendinitis and Plantar Fasciitis which are attributed to how hard running is on the body.


Inline skating is a great exercise for those with existing injuries also. The repetitiveness of running is often times where the injuries come from, the constant up and down can be detrimental to the joints and have hard long lasting impacts. The fluent and easy stride of inline skating is a lot easier on the body than running’s stride can be and offers a similar caloric burn. Those who suffer with arthritis have been known to be able to inline skate as an activity to lose unwanted pounds and get in shape when running was just not an option.


Just remember the best exercise is the one that you will actually do. I have found inline skating to be a very rewarding activity that not only sheds the unwanted pounds but gets you outside enjoying the great outdoors. If you live in a city it is a great mode of transportation and gives you a fulfilled workout all while getting you where you need to be going. See what all the fuss is about yourself by picking up a fresh pair of inline skates today and be on your path to wellness tomorrow. As an added bonus check out the mobile yoga video below, mobile yoga is a great combination of inline skating and yoga exercises to achieve a great workout.




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