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Skate Cross


By. Kevin Larive


Take extreme skating to the next level with Skate Cross. This cool new skating follows four inline skaters as they fly around a skate park that has been laid out in a track inspired design.


Skate cross is pretty easy to figure out. There are up to four inline skaters that start a race at the top of a narrow, inclined assault course, and they begin racing all while dodging obstacles and the other inline skaters. The winner of the race is of course the first one to cross the finish line.


Skate Cross!


There are many aggressive skate stunts and structures that are put into play and as such it is best to throw on safety and protective gear.


There are stunts, tricks and maneuvers that are used during skate cross require you to have an advanced level of skating skills and you need a great knowledge of how to properly fall.


Skate cross has become highly popular to the thrill seeking skater who wants an aggressive and urban inline skating experience. On rare occasions quad skaters have even taken part in skate cross.

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