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Slomo – A Documentary about Spirituality and Inline Skating


By. Chris Gorski




The Pacific Beach Boardwalk which runs along the Mission Beach of San Diego offers up many unique characters but among the runners, yogis, skateboarders and inline skaters is a man on Rollerblades emphatically called “Slomo”. But Slomo is so much more than just a Boardwalk regular and although his appearance is that of an everyday guy out inline skating there is so much more to his story than just that. It may surprise many that Slomo used to parade around in a lab coat but went through a radical change to who they see skating around the boardwalk today.


 Slomo Skating on the Boardwalk


Once an accredited Neurologist, Dr. John Kitchin abandoned that career and moved to Pacific Beach trading his well worn lab coat for a soon to be well worn set of inline skates. With a unique skating style going slow and gliding Dr. Kitchin started noticing people calling him Slomo when he was out skating on the Boardwalk. He first thought it was an insult but it ended up being a term of endearment as Slomo noticed once all the people on the Boardwalk embraced him and his unique skating style. Learn more about Slomo in the below trailer and go watch the movie today!