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Spending a Little More on Inline Skates

If you have ever purchased a new pair of inline skates, you have undoubtedly asked yourself this question, “what will a little extra money get me?” You may also ask this exact question if you are shopping around for skates right now. Ultimately, there is no simple answer to this question because the benefits you gain from spending a little extra money will vary from one skate brand to the next. Additionally, the type of skate you are looking at will have a determining factor as well. But what is important to remember is that spending extra money on skates will be noticeable to you if you are frequent skater.


Each skate type (racing, recreation, hockey, aggressive, fitness) will offer different features that are designed to meet the needs of its user. Where money is spent on a component on one skate, it may not necessarily be spent there on another. Unlike other sports where spending a bit of extra money on equipment may not translate into better performance, the extra money spent on inline skates will certainly be noticeable. Boot liners, bearings, wheels, and lacing systems are just some of the areas that your extra cash will prove beneficial.


If you are simply interested in purchasing a basic pair of recreational skates for occasional use, the extra money may not be worth it. However if you elect to spend a tad bit more you will certainly notice it in the comfort level. For roller hockey players and racing skaters, the money spent will certainly be justified as it will result in lighter frames, higher quality & rated bearings, and better liners that will increase comfort.


When shopping for skates keep the three areas mentioned above, frames, bearings, and liners, in mind. If you are torn between one pair of skates that are priced at $50 more than another, inspect each of them for differences in these areas first. You are welcome to compare them in other areas as well, but we recommend these three first and foremost.


However the bottom line is that when it comes to the final decision, we recommend that you select the skate you deem best for you. This includes your skating ability, the area(s) you plan on skating, the frequency at which you skate, and also your budget. Do not spend outside your means simply because you want a more comfortable skate or better performing skate. Make certain you can afford the skate and that it meets your other needs as well.

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