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Spring Inline Skate Season Is Here



If you are anything like me there are certain times of the year that strapping on your inline skates and going out for a quick run at your local park is just impossible, maybe because that park is covered in snow. But having this time where you cannot skate makes the spring time so much better, at least that's how I feel. Getting more excited about warm weather and the ability to play outside than your birthday or Christmas is just something that happens and is something that more people should feel.


inline skater relaxing


To start the spring there are a few things that must be done, especially if you want to be ready for that first 70 degree day. Buying a pass to your local park is a must, whether state or local, a park pass will make it easier to simply get in and start skating and make it more justifiable to go more often. Another great idea is taking inventory for the year, find all your pads, helmets and skates. You will want to make sure everything is in working order from last year, that everything fits and that your wheels and bearings are as ready as you are. There is no worse feeling than getting all the way to your skating destination, grabbing your stuff and having something faulty that does not allow you to skate. Spring time is amazing and anyone who argues that just may be crazy, or just hates the outdoors. For those of us who see this as the start of our outdoor season let's get out there and claim our favorite inline skating path to become all our own. Until we pass each other on the trail, keep on inline skating!



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