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Squatting for Skaters


By Kevin Larive



There are lots of exercises that can be done to help improve your skating. However, the most important is squats. Lots of experts are in agreement that squats are the most beneficial and the reason is because if they are done correctly they will strengthen your quads and glutes. By having strong quads and glutes you will be able to easily get into the low skating position which is necessary for generating speed and power.


There are multiple ways to do squats but the basic and most effective way goes like this:


1. Stand upright on a flat surface


2. Keep your legs shoulder width apart with your toes pointing forward


3. Bend your knees so your hamstrings are parallel with the floor. You want your knees to be slightly over your toes and pointed forward. It is best to use a mirror so you can keep an eye on your form.


4. Then return to the standing position


5. Do these 10 times, and do a total of three sets.


It is best to do your squats three to four times a week, remember to take a day off in between as it’s not good to work the same body part in back to back days. I know what you are thinking, “how can I do this three to four times a week, I am so busy.” Squats are so easy to do and can literally be done anywhere, like at your desk at work or at home during a commercial break of your favorite television show.


Another way to practice your squats is while you are skating. It is a little tricky and totally different from a dry land flat surface squat.


Give this squat workout a try next time you strap on the skates:


1. Skate for one minute while putting yourself in a deep knee and ankle bend.


2. Then skate nice and easy for a minute


3. Repeat these two steps 10 times.


Take note that most skaters will think they are in a low skating position but they are actually bending at the waist. Make sure you are in a deep knee bend because if you are not then severe back pain will ensue and nobody wants that.


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