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Staying Hydrated While Skating


By. Kevin Larive


It may look easy, but inline skating can definitely be an aerobic activity. With most aerobic activities staying hydrated is key and inline skating is no exception. Whether you are going for a quick roll around the block or skating for miles in the park having a hydrating beverage with you is a must.


Inline Skater in Motion


There is no set amount of water that one needs while inline skating. However, some studies have shown that drinking a bottle or two every two miles you skate will help to keep you hydrated. However, that said not everyone wants to skate around with multiple bottles of water or they don’t have any pockets to store the water. One option is someone can pick up a hydration pack that fits like a backpack across your shoulders for easy carrying and features a tube that serves as a straw. Should you not feel like going out and spending the extra money on a hydration pack that backpack you already own will work just well, simply fill up the necessary bottles of water and simply store it in your backpack.


Some additional tips for staying hydrated while skating are before you start skating drink a couple cups of water. Avoid drinking alcohol, coffee or tea before skating as all of these beverages, while tasty will increase dehydration. Sports drinks can also be a good choice if you are skating vigorously for an hour or longer as they feature salts, sugar carbs and electrolytes which are important.


Finally, don’t wait till your thirsty to start drinking water, once you get thirsty dehydration is already starting to come along and you start losing body fluids.