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Storing Inline Skate Gear

Ever wonder what the best way to store your inline skating gear is? I know you are probably saying you just toss it in the closet, but with all the gear one may have that is not the best option. Getting to your inline skating gear without having to dig through your closet makes it much more enjoyable and increases the odds you actually go skating. Building an actual storage space or clearing out the space you need in your closet are a must.


Dirty Garage full of Skate Gear


Let’s start with the skates. The inline skates alone will take up a lot of space as they are tall and wide. Deciding to build a storage unit requires measuring the height of the skates plus weighing them so you can get the proper type of shelving unit. I personally have found that hanging my skates is the best option. Using S-hooks and garbage ties help you hang your skates.


Storing the protective gear can be tricky. As we all know after a hot and sweaty skating session the gear can get pretty smelly. The best option is to go with a lightweight, and easy to assemble organizing unit. Plus you need to find one that is well ventilated so your protective gear can air out and help keep the smell and odor out. Bungee cords and S-hooks are also a great way to store your protective gear as you can just hang everything on the bungee by way of the S-hooks which easily hangs on the wall of your closet or out in the garage and will help you save space and get to your equipment quick and easy.


Proper Garage Storage of Skate Gear


A great tip for keeping your skates and gear smelling fresh are to stick a scented dryer sheet into the skates or inside of your pads and it will help keep your inline skates and protective gear smelling fresh no matter how hard you are skating.

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