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Tips for Buying Skates Online


Nowadays you don’t have the option of trying on inline skates before you buy them like in the old days. Most stores have stopped selling skates and the one’s that do typically only carry a few models, and they usually only have certain sizes. Because of this people have turned to the good ol’ internet to purchase their skates. There is nothing wrong with that, but like most other items things you buy online can’t be tried on and therefore making sure you get the right size can be tricky. Below is a nice little 3 step guide with some very helpful tips to buying skates online successfully.



Buying Inline Skates Online



Find a website that has a favorable Return Policy


All companies should have a return section on their site that explains the process of accepting returns. Make sure you read that so you know what will happen should your skates not fit. Pay attention to such details, as who pays return shipping (more than likely you). Be on the lookout for restocking fees as some companies have them and they can be a bit pricey. Before you order call their Customer Service line for exact instructions on how to go about doing a return, mention the specific skate so they can double check for restocking fees on that skate.


Order the Skates


After you have followed step one and have called Customer Service for assistance go ahead and place an order for the skates you so desire. If after getting some advice you are still unsure about sizing go ahead and purchase two pairs so that you have two to try on. Keep in mind that you will need to return one and thus likely to have to pay for the return shipping cost, or use our guaranteed fit program which you can read about here.


Test the skates out on Carpet


No online company will take back your skates if they look to be used. So if you try them on outside the wheels will become worn and scratched and when you send them back you won’t be seeing a full refund. When the skates arrive pull them out and put them on in a carpeted area. Once you have them on and securely fastened stand up and skate in place a little by moving your feet back and forth to see how the skates feel. Check your ankles to make sure the skates are fitting comfortably and they feel good. When that is all said and done, keep them on for five or ten minutes to make sure they still feel comfortable. After the time is up take the skates off and see how your feet feel, if they feel good and the fit is right those are the skates for you.


As you can see shopping online for skates isn’t the best way, it surely isn’t the pain in the butt some people think it is. If you call the company and speak to their Customer Service department you should be able to get an idea on the return policy and the size to order. Once you receive them and try them out on carpet you will be good to go skating.



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