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Tips for Inline Skating with your Dog



Use these inline skating with your dog tips to ensure you have the best time possible when you are out skating and so will your dog!


Cesar Millan Rollerblading with Dogs


1. Use a pulling harness. Standard harnesses and leash and collar combinations can cause your dog to be choked while inline skating. Having a proper harness made specifically for pulling is best for the animal and the only way we condone skating with your dog. Another great addition is a bungee leash! A bungee style leash will be less jarring on you and your dog.


2. Get your dog used to your inline skates before going skating. Wear your Rollerblades around the house so your dog gets to see them on your feet and will be less likely to get scared.


3. Start slow! Start out just going slow in your driveway or on an empty sport court or trail. Get your bearings and ensure your dog understands the idea of pulling his/her human around.


4. Make sure the weather is not too much for your dog. Skating with your dog should only be done on a bit cooler days. Dogs are workers and will often continue working (pulling you) past the point of exhaustion.


5. Bring plenty of water! You bring water for yourself so you need to bring some for your furry friend. A collapsible bowl works great for skating and we recommend a lightweight backpack to carry ample water and supplies. Stop often and ensure your pooch is hydrated.


6. Make sure your dog actually wants to pull you. A dog willing to pull is your only hope because you are not going to be able to force your dog to pull you on your Rollerblades. Also use your best judgment when deciding that your dog is able to pull and be sure to account for age and health of the dog in your decision.


7. Inline skating pads, wear them. You should always wear a full set of pads and a helmet while skating but if for some reason you don’t we highly recommend wearing a pad set and helmet while skating with your dog. When being pulled you may reach higher speeds and inhibit a higher risk of falling.


8. Get some booties for your dog’s paws. The rough asphalt or pavement will cause the wheels on your inline skates to wear and tear so think what could happen to your dog’s paws. There are many models of doggie boots and shoes that will protect from the rough pavement as well as hot pavement in the summer. Get your dog used to his or her new boots by having them test them out inside your home.


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