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Top 5 Inline Skating Tips


  • Avoid the Water


Always, always avoid wet surfaces. Wet areas can sometimes be skated on, while other times they cannot. If you are on a really smooth surface a wet area will make it very dangerous. If it is un-avoidable and you have to inline skate through water don’t start skating hard again until you see the wet wheel stripe disappear. Standing water is bad as if you go through it, the water can get in your bearings causing them to rust which ultimately ruins them. Check out my experience here.



  • Skating Hills


Skating uphill is always a tricky proposition. Hills of all sizes are a lot of work to get up and very tricky going down the hill. When you are skating uphill you want to point your toes out to form a “V” and keep your momentum going forward and take quick, short strides. When going downhill do not just go flying down with reckless abandon, if you do so you may cause harm to yourself or others. Before you skate down the hill make sure you check it out and study it. Once you start going down make sure you control your speed by using your brake.


Inline Skating Down Hills



  • Keep your Head Up


When skating always keep your head up. Stay alert at all times. When you have your head down you can’t see what’s going on. If there are tons of people or objects on the path you are skating in if your head is down you may find the rest of you down. So keep that head up when skating to make sure you are aware of everything that is going on around you.



  • Skate Nice


Make sure you observe proper skating etiquette. Much like driving a car, when skating you always want to skate to the right and pass on the left. It’s also proper trail etiquette to say you are passing on the left when coming up to someone from behind, if you let them know you are approaching you can avoid a possible accident. Always smile when near someone to let them know you are friendly and are out skating to have a good time and get a good workout in.



Inline Skaters Share the Road


  • Listen to your Skates


Of course skates can talk. When they talk you need to listen or you can injure yourself or others. When your skates start making a grinding sound it could mean your bearings are worn or dirty. A rattling sound could mean you have a loose axle, wheel, frame or bolt. Always carry a skating tool with you so that in the event your skates start talking away you can fix the problem before someone gets hurt.


Follow these simple 5 steps when skating and you will ensure hours of fun skating for yourself and those around you.