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Top Mistakes of a Beginning Inline Skater


By Kevin Larive


One may think inline skating looks easy as they watch people skate by. How hard could it really be one may ask? One may think you simply just move your feet back and forth and off you will roll. However, it’s not that simple, as you may or may not know you at one point had to learn how to walk. Learning to skate is pretty easy but there a few things you need to consider and take into account before you go skating away. Here are a few things you should consider before you start skating.


Head for the Grass while Inline Skating

The most important thing to take into consideration is wearing proper fitting skates. The most important thing to know is skates typically run true to your shoe size. If you wear a size 9 do not try fitting into your Dad’s size 11. When skates are too big you will be wobbly which will make it darn near impossible to skate. You will also get tons of blisters and will spend the majority of your time skating on your butt.


AVOID hills at all costs. Hey buddy, you are brand new to skating, it may look like fun flying down a hill but you can barely skate, avoid hills at all costs or risk multiple injuries.


Pad up. I have been skating for over 25 years and I still wear some protection. As a newbie there are sure to be plenty of thrills and spills and not being protected could cause some serious damage. If you are not padded up you are sure to get multiple cuts and scrapes or even broken bones. Always wear knee, elbow and wrist pads, and yes, even a helmet.


Get the right pair of skates for your skill level. You are newbie, I know the low boot, big wheel skates look awesome as someone flies by but they are designed for marathon skates and super advanced folk looking for speed. As a beginner you are going to want skates with wheels no bigger than 82mm. Until you learn how to skate stick with smaller wheels to keep the speed at a lower level till you improve your skills.


Happy Inline Skater

I know you have been dying to skate, but don’t be a hero and try skating a marathon your first several times out. You will be dead tired and super sore the next day with blisters all over your feet and may vow to never skate again. Take it easy the first few weeks and get the hang of it before you go to superhero mode.


Learn the rules. When you are skating on a trail make sure you follow the rules. If you don’t follow the proper protocol someone is going to flatten you or worse, you may injure a complete stranger.


Finally, learn how to stop. There is nothing worse than being on a trail and have some speed demon come crashing into because they are trying to stop on a dime. You are a newbie, stopping on a dime takes lots and lots of practice so keep practicing and make those brakes get a workout as well.


Now that you have these great tips strap on those skates and get rolling into a good time.

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