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Understanding Rollerblade’s New Powerblade Inline Skates


By Chris Gorski




Have you had a look at any of the new Rollerblade Powerblade skates? The new Rollerblade Powerblade GTM 110, GTM 100 and GTR 110 look like normal skates at first glance, and then upon further inspection they look like something we’ve never seen before…


Check out a picture of these beauties below:


Rollerblade Powerblade Skates


Mind blown? I know, right? These skates and their frames are not married together in the traditional manner most inline skates are. The skate’s frames are mounted to the center of the skates in a way that drives power directly to the middle of the skate. Rollerblade is instituting this new technology, Gravitation Torque (GT), to create a skate design offering an enhanced center of gravity and proper body positioning for maximum torque.

 Rollerblade Powerblade Frame Close Up

Advanced skaters will benefit the most from the new Rollerblade Powerblade series with improved power transfer as well as more speed and efficiency. It may take a few laps to get used to but in the end the new Gravitation Torque technology in Powerblade skates will drive your power directly to the middle of the skate and will offer you top speed and a good constant speed while offering great control for cornering and carving.


Skaters that choose the Powerblade skate models will also be rewarded with comfort. The carbon boot is softer than most carbon boots on the market blending a nice mixture of performance and comfort together into a perfect package.


So, if you are in the market for some quality skates and want to try a new frame-boot design we highly recommend checking out the new Rollerblade Powerblade series today!


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