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Upgrading Your Old Inline Skates


Do you have some old inline skates? Maybe you have been happy with their performance but have thought about upgrading after seeing some of the latest technology available from top skate brands like K2 and Rollerblade. Truth is inline skates have grown in performance, comfort and ease of usability over the last few skate seasons offering new and updated designs which makes skating more fun and comfortable. Here we are going to cover some of the major advancements in inline skating technology that has occurred in the last couple seasons and how these advancements can impact your skating if you choose to get a new pair of inline skates.


Bigger wheels, lighter weight materials and a better fit in new inline skates


 Up to date Inline Skate Technology


BIG Skate Wheels: In the last couple of seasons it seems we have seen larger and larger inline skate wheels. These wheels which used to top off at 80mm are now offered with sizes as large as 110mm. These larger wheels are going to offer skaters a bit more speed and smoothness while skating giving them the ability to skate faster covering more distances while absorbing and rolling easily over bumps in the road. You can still get inline skates with wheels sizes that are more moderate around 80-90mm range if going up to a larger wheel is not for you.


Lighter weight skates: Skate companies like Rollerblade and K2 have been doing all they can to strip weight away from their skates. From adding breathable portions of the skates to make them breath easier which keeps your feet cool while cutting the weight to using lighter weight frames built from aluminum with lighter weight components including aluminum axles and bearing spacers.


Better ventilation: Getting sweaty feet while inline skating can be one of the worse feelings so getting fresh air ventilated through your skate while skating is the bees knees. With new ventilation systems like K2’s Vortech Ventilations System and Rollerblades breathable five star liners with mesh skate vents you can stop worrying about sweaty, hot feet while skating and can focus more on your skating.


Closure systems: The old lace and strap design on inline skates worked well but in some instances can simply take too long and can sometimes loosen up while skating. That’s where the new lace up systems comes into play. These new systems offer a quick lace style of closure that will be easier and quicker to tighten and will stay secure longer. Some of these closure systems include the Rollerblade Speedlace with lock feature and the K2 Speed Lacing and BOA closure system. The speed lace works with a durable lace which can be pulled, tightened and locked in place quickly. The BOA closures work with a dial which can be tightened and loosened simply by turning the dial one way or the other.


As you can see there have been some definite improvements to inline skates over the last couple of seasons so if you have not upgraded skates recently, what are you waiting for? No matter the type of inline skating you are doing from recreational to performance these upgrades can greatly increase your fun and enjoyment while skating.


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