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Urban Skates | What Are Urban Skates?


Urban skates have been created out of a new demand for innovative skating features for skating in unique and different ways. Urban skates are the standard recreational inline skates crazy uncle, you know, the one that’s ready for anything at a moments notice.


What are Urban Skates?


The outward appearance of an urban skate will remind you of the 90’s with the plastic hard shell boot but the boots offered on these skates offer great breathability and more comfort. Urban skates are a mixture of aggressive inline skates and recreational inline skates taking good qualities from each to make one solid urban skate.


Designed for skaters going through various environments which may prove to be too much for a standard skate but an aggressive skate would be too slow. Urban skates are designed much differently than regular skates with additional features to aid to functionality and durability. Below is a diagram outlining many of the features that make an urban skate unique; below the diagram we explain the importance of these features.



Urban Inline Skate Diagram



Removable Liner with Shock Absorber:


Having a removable liner is great as there are plenty of reasons to take the liner out of your skates. You can easily take the liner out to add padding, clean the liner and easily access the bolts for the chassis. The shock absorber is found underneath the liner and offers a couple mm’s of soft shock absorption to ward off bruised heels and add extra comfort and confidence.


Velcro Power Strap:


A Velcro power strap gives the urban skates some extra support in a thick and durable strap almost like the kind you find on a ski boot. This offers adjustable support that can withstand the elements and the abuse that comes along with everyday skating. Note some urban skates don’t have Velcro power straps and have regular ratcheting straps; both function great depending on your preference.


Ratcheting Power Strap:


This strap found roughly midway up an urban skates boot offers an additional support that really gives the foot a “wrap” feel. This middle ratchet strap will pull your heel back in the skate and offer you the ability to tighten this as much or as little as possible.


Hard Plastic Boot:


No you did not go back to the 90’s when hard plastic booted inline skates ran the streets. Urban skates offer a hard plastic boot shell much like these skates of the past only a bit more technologically sound. These hard boots are being brought back due to their added protection while skating and their ability to be very breathable.


Smaller Diameter Wheels:


Smaller wheels keep you under control and will offer a more stable landing if jumping obstacles. Still large enough to gain momentum and a decent amount of speed the wheels on urban skates offer a great balance between speed and control.


Shorter Frame:


Due to the wheels being smaller and closer together on urban skates you get a shorter frame. A shorter frame gives you better ability to control your feet in crossovers and in tight situations. The shorter frame makes the wheels a bit closer to each other which makes for a stable platform for landings and for launching from obstacles.


Breathable Outer Shell:


The hard plastic shell used on urban skates offers great breathability to allow the liner and foot to breath so you will not get overheated. Skaters who use urban skates often skate for many hours so having a comfortable and breathable boot can make a huge difference.


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